Amy Brenneman first captured national attention on the
premier season of NYPD Blue. As Janice Licalsi, a
troubled cop, she was tough, intense, somewhat
overwhelmed--and at times very much undressed: She
unabashedly pinched David Caruso's equally bare
bottom in network television's first official nude scene.
Her latest role, it so happens, calls for a more literal shade
of blue. In the action film Daylight, Brenneman plays
Madelyne Thompson, a playwright who can no longer
take Manhattan and elects to return to her Midwestern
roots, only to get trapped in the Holland Tunnel amid toxic
waste, exhaust fumes, hypothermia-inducing freezing
water...and Sylvester Stallone. A Connecticut native and
Harvard graduate, Brenneman, 31, has successfully made
the transition from TV persona to feature films, bantering
with Paul Reiser in Bye Bye, Love and loving Robert De
Niro in Heat. Now, she is taking a much needed breather,
using her down time to relax, work out and get cozy with
her husband, director Brad Silberling.

What's your beauty routine?

I wake up, take a shower, shave my legs if I need to, and
wash my hair every other day. I use lots of Nexxus's
Humectress conditioner. I'm also into Sebastian Potion
9--it makes the curls separate.

What do you like most about your hair?

It's naturally curly and I love that--I love that I don't really
have to do anything with it. And when I want to be sexy, I'll
flip my head over and fluff up all the curls. When my hair is
blown out straight it makes me feel like Cher--I swing it
around, get an attitude.

What about skin care?

I wash my face with this stuff I get from my dermatologist,
and I use tons of moisturizer. When I was working
recently in the Mojave Desert, my skin got unbelievably
dry. The makeup artist kept moisturizer in the refrigerator
and I kept slathering it on. Ahhh, it was like a drink of

What's your everyday makeup?

If I have an audition I'll slap on the basic stuff--you know,
the base, the blush. If I'm going to a nighttime thing, I may
put on more colorful lips, maybe go a little heavier on the
eyeliner, wear mascara. My husband is one of those guys
who's, like, "Don't put on anything."

What's in your makeup bag now?

Clarins Compact Powder Foundation in True Beige--it's
what I use for base. MAC Powder Blush in Prism--it never
looks painted; I never had a blush I could use before.
Lancome eye pencil in Fumee Noire, Chanel Nude lip
pencil. Lancome Intencils mascara. MAC lipsticks in Twig,
Cherish. And MAC's Sheer Plum--I usually can't wear dark
colors, but I can get away with this because it's sheer.
MAC eyeshadow in Picadilly and MAC Aria, which is a
light taupe. Chap Stick, very important. And tweezers.

What's your exercise routine?

I like to do my own thing. I run, I do yoga two or three
times a week. I take pretty vigorous funk dance
classes--you really sweat!

Anything you don't like about your body?

I don't like my butt. I'm very strong in my hips, thighs and
butt so it's not flabby. But it's there, overly womanly. I
wear a little clingy Calvin Klein sheath and there it is.

Do you worry about aging?

It's fascinating. I think I'm more beautiful now and a much
better athlete. I'm very grateful for people like Susan
Sarandon. She's not afraid of the fact that she's lived
whatever number of years; she's proud of it.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Laughing! And when I'm totally relaxed and feeling loved,
appreciated, connected. Then I feel beautiful.