Casting Call


Network stars take a part in the battle against birth defects

When TV stars meet with a casting director, it's usually to discuss a plum new role, but prime time's finest weren't thinking of their careers when the attended the Lili Claire Foundation's benefit at the Beverly Hills Hotel. "I don't go to these things just to be seen---but if it's something I connect to, I'm there." said a pregnant Amy Brenneman of the charity for kids with neurogenetic birth defects. Founded by prominent casting director Leslie Litt-Resnick---and named after the daughter she lost---the third annual Lili Claire fund-raiser was capped by an un-Karen-like Megan Mullally inducing tears with a rendition of "Dream a Little dream of Me." "I always cry," said veteran attendee Holly Robinson Peete. "At least this year I wore my waterproof mascara!"

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