Move Over, Judy:Here Comes Judge Frederica

By PAT SEREMET The Hartford Courant January 24, 2000

Another judge is featured in People magazine, and this
time, it's not Wapner. It's semi-retired Connecticut
Superior Court Judge Frederica Brenneman. The article in
the Jan. 31 People, headlined "High Bench Marks,'' also
tells of the justice's daughter, Glastonbury-raised actress
Amy Brenneman, and how her mother was the inspiration
for the CBS series "Judging Amy.'' The piece quotes Tyne
Daly, who plays the mother in the show, and met the
judge during her honor's occasional visits to the set. "To
see her daughter in the costume she wears when she
goes to work, the same mock-up courtroom,'' Daly said,
"there must be a certain amount of `Twilight Zone' in that.''
Amy, who stars in the show, describes her mother's
reputation on the bench as that of "a benevolent despot.''
Her father, Russell, 71, a retired environmental lawyer, is
quoted as jokingly calling the show "an insane homage.''
But, hey, getting in People beats the Connecticut Law
Tribune, doesn't it?