Mr. Untensity

Actress Amy Brenneman has kept good company since she got in bed with the mob and with Det. John Kelly (David Caruso) during the first season of NYPD Blue. In real life she met and married Brad Silberling, who directed several episodes of Blue, and now plays Robert De Niro's girlfriend in the thriller Heat. "Bob is completely different than I expected," says Brenneman, 31. "He's easy and warm, and he's really goofy. One night on the set he got the giggles. I mean, he was gone. He just couldn't keep it together. It was so far from the superintense Martin Scorsese guy I expected." He was even nice to civilians. "One day, we went to lunch and a fan approached him with a script he wanted Bob to look at," says Brenneman. "I started to feel uncomfortable, but Bob was really gracious and talked to him." Did he take the script? "Well, he stuffed it into his briefcase."