In our entertainment reports this week, we're giving you a sneak peek at the new shows in the CBS fall lineup. This morning, a new drama called "Judging Amy" starring Amy Brenneman and Tyne Daly.

(Excerpt from "Judging Amy," courtesy Paramount Television)

MITCHELL: "Judging Amy" stars Amy Brenneman as a woman who leaves her husband, moves back home with her mom and begins a new life as a juvenile court judge in Hartford, Connecticut. This show is based on the real-life story of Brenneman's own mother.

Ms. AMY BRENNEMAN ("Judging Amy"): My relationship with my mother is--is wonderful and exasperating and entertaining. And I thought, you know, I think a lot of women could really relate to this.

(Excerpt from "Judging Amy")

Ms. BRENNEMAN: The bottom line is my mother loves me more than the day is long. And a lot of that quality of the loving, fierce relationship is what Tyne Daly certainly brings to it as--playing my mother.

(Excerpt from "Judging Amy")

Ms. TYNE DALY ("Judging Amy"): She loves her kids a lot and wishes they weren't there and really would--would prefer that they were someplace else and had put their lives together. You know, I like that we're going to tell some stories on the mother line, which means how the wisdoms get passed in a particularly female way.

MITCHELL: "Judging Amy" will tackle some of the life-saving and heart-breaking issues involving juvenile justice. Brenneman's mother is still a sitting judge and will act as technical adviser.

Ms. BRENNEMAN: I have gotten feedback on some of the scripts, saying, 'A judge would never say that.' I'm, like, 'Well, my judge will. Well, how about that? I'm a judge, too.'

MITCHELL: Amy Brenneman says she created "Judging Amy" because too much of the programming that's supposed to appeal to women is just too soft and emotional, she says. She says her new show will have smart, spirited women in stories of unconditional love and mercy.