SHOWBIZ Today--5/16/00 Transcript of Amy Brenneman Int.

SYDNEY: Well, the verdict is in and "Judging Amy" is a
bona-fide hit. Presiding over the show as executive
producer and its star is Amy Brenneman, the
Emmy-nominated actress who based this drama on her
mother's story. And joining us now is Frederica (ph)
Brenneman's daughter, Amy.




BRENNEMAN: Thank you so much.

SYDNEY: So your mom is a consultant on the show. I
want to know for Mother's Day, did you give her
syndication rights?

BRENNEMAN: Mother's Day I was out of the country, I
completely forgot about it altogether, so I had a very bad
Mother's Day this year, but she seemed to forgive me.

SYDNEY: I'm sure you'll make up for it.


SYDNEY: Now, one -- the show that's going to be on
tonight has a little bit of a steamy plot?

BRENNEMAN: Little bit of a steamy plot, yes. It's the -- my
divorce is final, the papers have come through, and so I
had pitched to Barbara Hull (ph), our show runner, you
know, most people I know when they finally break up,
they have sex. So that kind of...

SYDNEY: Is that coming from experience, or just...

BRENNEMAN: A little bit. I've never been divorced, but I
certainly have broken up, and I just get all excited -- you
know, I mean, I don't have to be with somebody, and I
want to be, and so...

SYDNEY: OK, well, I want to see the clip, because I can't
wait until tonight. So let's take a look at you in action.



BRENNEMAN: Why shouldn't he look well. He's found the
perfect woman. Meanwhile, I go out with men who find me
an inspiration to get back together with their ex-wives. I
don't want to talk about it.

Hey, Lauren?

DALY: Amy, you need...

BRENNEMAN: ... to have sex. I know, Ma, I know, I'm
doing the best I can.

DALY: Actually, I was going to say you need to go to the
market, we are out of milk.




SYDNEY: You should always have an extra carton in your


SYDNEY: Because here you are happily married, a big fat
hit on your hands, you've just came back from the
Cannes Film Festival, but yet you told "The New York
Times" that sometimes you just go in your trailer and you
cry because you miss your life.

BRENNEMAN: I do. I don't miss it so much now, because
we're done shooting, but I think it's the 17-hour days
where you just miss your friends, you miss your family,
you miss just -- you know, I mean, they -- when I'm
working, they know where I am at every single moment,
they know when I'm in the bathroom, they know when I'm
on the phone, so you just get a little stir crazy at times.

SYDNEY: Now, I just mentioned the Cannes Film Festival,
you were there promoting a new film.

BRENNEMAN: Right. It's called "Things You Can Tell Just
By Looking at Her," and I shot it last year and it is
beautiful, should be out in July.

SYDNEY: With some wonderful cast members.

BRENNEMAN: Incredible, Glenn Close, Holly Hunter,
Calista Flockhart, Cameron Diaz, Kathy (ph) Baker, Valeria
Galena (ph), and me.

SYDNEY: And then you were on the East Coast also
because you are being honored May 19.

BRENNEMAN: Right. Right. I am doing a couple of things.
I'm getting an honorary doctorate from St. Josephs
College in Connecticut, which -- it just cracks me up to no

SYDNEY: With your mom.

BRENNEMAN: With my mom, yes, we are going to be the
Doctors Brenneman, so -- and then I'm also taking part in
the Connecticut Childrens Law Center fund raiser, it's for
legal defense for children.

SYDNEY: You're so busy, no wonder you want your life


SYDNEY: OK, Doctor and Judge Amy, thank you very

BRENNEMAN: Thank you very much. It's all a phony.

SYDNEY: I don't think so. I think you're very, very real. A
pleasure to meet you.

BRENNEMAN: You, too.

SYDNEY: And now this interview is adjourned and we are
going to go to someone who is not guilty, Vince -- I don't
think you're guilty -- in Atlanta