The "It" Girl

By Dennis Hensley

Amy Brenneman is living proof that a little controversy can go a long way. After her notorious nude scenes with David Caruso on "NYPD Blue" nearly 2 years ago, Brenneman's better known than ever---and she's been picking up big-screen roles faster than a cop can inhale donuts. First up is "Heat" opposite Robert De Niro, then "No Fear" opposite Mark Wahlberg, and next year there's "Daylight" opposite Sylvester Stallone.

Brenneman has a very polite background. Her dad's a lawyer, she was raised in Connecticut and she majored in Comparative Religions at Harvard.

But what about her love life? Turns out Brenneman recently got enagaged to "Casper" director Brad Silberling. Did she say yes right away? "I said, 'Whatever, just get me a fucking low-fat latte!'" says Brenneman, adding, "It was 6:30 in the morning." Brenneman is all smiles when she talks about him: "He has this way of eroticizing the everyday." Speaking of eroticizing, what were her sex scenes like with De Niro in "Heat"? "We had to be in bed together and he had little trunks on," she recalls with frustration. "I just wish he'd shown "it" to me. Flirtation is all about seeing "it". I don't want to touch "it", I just want to see "it"." Did she ever get to see Caruso's "it"? "Uh-huh. We called "it" Mr. Happy."