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Welcome to the Amy Brenneman Fan Site

Welcome to my Amy Brenneman site! I have been a fan of Amy's since "NYPD BLUE", and have continued to follow her career through her various movie roles to her current hit series "Judging Amy". I hope you enjoy the images I have posted here! I will be adding more pages of photos as time permits.


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* Her first TV Roles were as a guest star on "Murder She Wrote", the TV Movie "The Pig in the Python"("Middle Ages" Pilot) and the short lived but critically acclaimed series "The Middle Ages"

* Amy was the first actress to appear nude on the TV series "NYPD BLUE"

* Amy was nominated for an Emmy for Best Supporting Actress for her portrayal of Officer Janice Licalsi on "NYPD BLUE"

* Amy was born on June 22, 1964, in New London, CT

* Amy Graduated from Harvard with a degree in Comparative Religions

* Amy worked as a teacher in Brooklyn, NY

* The original title of "Judging Amy" was "Shades of Gray"

* Amy graduated from Glastonbury High School in Glastonbury, CT

* Amy is "addicted" to the VH-1 TV Series "Behind The Music"

* Amy worked as an Au Pair for several months in France, caring for two autistic children

* Amy married director Brad Silberling, [whose credits include three episodes of "NYPD BLUE" (where they met), the feature films "Casper", "City of Angels" and the pilot for "Judging Amy"] on September 30, 1995, at her parents home in Westport, CT

* Amy not only stars in the CBS series "Judging Amy", she also created the show and is one of the executive producers!

* Amy was one of the founding members of the acclaimed Cornerstone Theatre Company, and still chairs their Board of Directors









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