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JUDGING AMY Season Two Episode Guide

201 "Zero Tolerance" (Original Airdate:

The Gray family tries to cope with the aftermath
of a deadly explosion involving Vincent.

While Vincent is confined to a hospital bed,
Maxine cuts back on her workload to help him
through his difficult recovery. Meanwhile, Amy
tries to cope with personal and professional
anguish when she realizes that she's still
harboring resentment towards Vincent for getting
in the van so he could save her life.

202 "You're Not the Boss of Me" (Originally
broadcast 10/24/2000)

Tension builds between Amy and a co-worker when
the investigation of her relationship with Bruce
comes to an end.

203 "Instincts" (Original airdate 10/31/00)

Racial tensions invade Amy's courtroom when Amy
must decide the fate of a 14-year-old Caucasian
boy found guilty of killing an African-American

204 "Convictions" (Originally aired 11/14/00)

When a high profile attorney bullies Amy in the
courtroom, Bruce gives her advice on how to
handle the situation. Although Bruce's advice may
be truthful, it creates more anxiety for Amy.

205 "Unecessary Roughness" (Originally Aired

The Grays are faced with a new kind of challenge
when Amy and Maxine learn that they both have

206 "The Burden of Perspective" (Originally Aired
28 November, 2000)

Amy must deal with feelings around Michael's
remarriage, meanwhile Maxine and Jared decide to
give each other some distance.

207 "Dog Days" (Originally Aired 05 December,

Amy presides in a case involving parents who are
sued by their elder daughter because she fears
her younger sister will be forced to follow their
cult lifestyle. Although Amy personally believes
the daughter is right, the prosecution doesn't
have enough evidence to support the case.

208 "Waterworld" (Originally aired 12/19/2000)

Chaos breaks out in the Gray house when Donna
decides to give birth in the living room in a
tank filled with water. Actress Jill Eikenberry
(L.A. Law) guest stars.

209 "The Undertow" (Originally Aired 09 January,

Fed up with the way the system treats children,
Maxine sets out to open her own center for
victims of abuse. Guest star Richard Crenna
reprises the role of Maxine's boyfriend, Jarred

210 "Adoption Day" (Originally Aired 16 January,

Evie, Ned's biological mother, walks back into
his life just as Peter and Gillian are set to
adopt him. When Evie asks Peter and Gillian about
the possibility of an open adoption, Maxine steps
in to protect the best interests of her family.
Maxine, also deals with a young girl who wants to
be adopted before her 18th birthday and a
12-year-old boy who refuses to be adopted because
he believes his birth mother will come back one

211 "The Claw Is Our Master" (Originally aired 30
January, 2001)

Amy finds herself in the middle of a love
triangle when, while dating Rob, Lauren's
twenty-something karate instructor, she considers
giving Tom Gillette (guest star Gregory Harrison,
reprising the role) a second chance.

212 "8 1/2 Narrow" (Originally aired 06 February,

When Tom (Gregory Harrison) and Amy double date
with her friends Lolly and Nick, Amy finds
herself fending off Nick's advances. Nick puts
his hand on Amy's knee during dinner and later
follows her and tries to give her a kiss. Amy
agonizes over whether she should break this
upsetting news to Lolly.

Meanwhile, Maxine assists a detective in tracking
down an undocumented Cambodian boy's parents, and
Amy rules on a case involving a teenager who
refuses to attend school after the principal
discontinues the gay pride club on campus.

213 "The Beginning, The End and The Murky Middle"
(Originally aired 13 February, 2001)

As Peter and Gillian prepare for their son Ned's
christening, Evie, Ned's biological mother, walks
back into their lives and their worst nightmare
begins to unfold.

214 "One For The Road" (Originally aired 20
February, 2001)

Peter and Gillian are devastated to learn they
must give up their adopted son, Ned, to Evie, the
boys biological mother. After custody of Ned is
awarded to Evie, Peter begins drinking and is
arrested for D.U.I. Fixated on Peters drinking,
Gillian uses him as a scapegoat to mask the fact
that her son is gone. Meanwhile, Amy is affected
by Peter and Gillians situation when she must
rule on the future of a womans unborn baby, after
learning the mother is under investigation for
the disappearance of her first child.

215 The Treachery of Compromise (originally aired
27 February, 2001)

Amys college rival and legal nemesis offers her a
chance for an appellate court appointment if she
will compromise her principles.

216 Everybody Falls Down (originally aired 20 March

Amy must rule in an emotional case involving a couple who abused one of
their daughters. Although the abused child forgives her parents for beating
her, Amy grapples with her decision about whether or not to terminate their
parental rights.

217 Romeo and Juliet must Die--Well maybe just
Juliet (Originally aired 10 April, 2001)

Amy hears a manslaughter case involving a 15-year-old boy (Adam Brody)
who's into goth and accused of luring a girl into a mutual suicide pact;
Maxine investigates allegations that a boy is being neglected by his mother;
Gillian meets a man (Alan Gelfant) she's been corresponding with via the

218 The Unforgiven (Originally aired 24 April, 2001)

Maxine contemplates ending her relationship with Jarred, while Amy oversees a case involving a mother who wants to deny visitation rights to her daughter's grandparents.

219 Between the Wanting and the Getting (Originally aired 01 May, 2001)

While working at Sanctuary House, her new non-profit organization, Maxine is confronted with an old case that comes back to haunt her.

220 Grounded (Originally aired 08 May, 2001)

When Jarred asks Maxine to take a vacation
with him, she declines the invitation after she
is reprimanded at work for showing a group
of tough kids the grim reality of gang violence.
After Jarred leaves without her, Maxine learns
that the plane is missing and fears that it may
have crashed. Meanwhile, Peter and Gillian have mixed feelings when they learn that Evie wants to give Ned back to them.

221 Red Headed Stepchild (Originally aired 15 May, 2001)

A 12-year-old-boy admits that he raped his younger sister and Maxine attempts to learn who taught the boy to commit this heinous crime.

222 Hold On Tight (Season Finale Originally aired 22 May, 2001)

Amy oversees a case involving an emotionally
unstable woman who attempts to kill herself
and her 3-year-old daughter