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JUDGING AMY Season One Episode Guide

The Pilot (Originally Aired 9/19/1999)

Newly-separated Manhattan attorney Amy Gray moves
home to Hartford, Connecticut to become a
superior court judge in family court. Along with
her young daughter, Lauren, she moves in with her
opinionated mother Maxine, a retired social

Short Calendar (Originally Aired 9/21/1999)

Amy is stressed when not only must she decide
upon several cases in one day, but also deal with
Lauren's problems at school; Maxine is asked to
return to her old job at the Dept. of Children's

Victim Soul (Originally Aired 9/28/1999)

Amy tries a case involving the possible abuse of
a comatose boy who is believed to have healing
powers; Maxine butts heads with her supervisor
over taking a girl away from her anorexic mother;
Vincent starts dating an older woman.

Trial By Jury (Originally Aired 10/5/1999)

Amy handles her first jury trial, which involves
the parents of a murdered girl suing the parents
of the boy that killed her; Maxine is forced to
shop for a new car for the first time in her
life; Vincent feels that Maxine doesn't take his
career seriously.

Last Tango In Hartford (Originally Aired

A death threat puts a crimp in Amy's blossoming
relationship with Dr. Tracy; Vincent feels like
he's Chris's pet project; Maxine rekindles an old
friendship and counsels a 16 year old girl on how
to care for her baby; Amy performs the wedding
ceremony of her assistant Donna and a prison

Witch Hunt (Originally Aired 10/19/1999)

A man sues his ex-wife for custody after she
joins a coven of witches; While investigating the
case of a couple with a missing child, Maxine
makes a shocking discovery; Vincent must go
through an old college adversary to get a
contract with an agent.

An Impartial Bias (Originally Aired 11/2/1999)

Maxine fights to keep a deaf boy with his older
brother after the death of their mother; Amy
clashes with Bruce over her ruling in an
interracial adoption case; Vincent gets a job
teaching English and ponders his father's
happiness at selling insurance.

Near Death Experience (Originally Aired

Vincent deals with the aftermath of being shot
while thwarting a mugging; Maxine deals with a
mother who believes she was abducted by aliens;
Amy tries the case of a divorced couple who can't
decide what to do with their 5 day old child and
must sentence a teenager convicted of

The Persistence Of Tectonics (Originally Aired

Amy is forced to make Thanksgiving dinner when
Maxine decides to take the holiday off. In
addition Amy must deal with her husband,
Michael's, surprising announcement, the case of
two boys who spitefully tortured and killed their
neighbor's cat and a couple in the process of
adopting a 2 year old baby who become alarmed
with the biological father shows up; Vincent goes
to a party with his agent in New York; Gillian
asks Maxine for a loan to finance another
in-vitro procedure.

Crowded House (Originally Aired 11/30/1999)

As the strain of infertility takes its toll on
Peter and Gillian's relationship, Gillian decides
to spend some time apart from her husband and
moves in with Maxine. Also, when his agent offers
him an opportunity to be published if he can pen
another short story by the end of the week,
Vincent moves back home so he can devote all his
energies to writing.

Meanwhile, Amy oversees a case involving a young
girl with multiple personality disorder who has
attempted to kill her home economics teacher, and
Maxine tries to help a young mother who is
determined to give her baby away for fear that
she might abuse her.

Presumed Innocent (Originally Aired 12/14/1999)

Amy denies a mother access to her dying child
when it is believed that she is the cause of his
condition; Maxine deals with a gifted but
troubled homeless boy; Vincent needs a new
roommate and gets one in Donna.

Spoil The Child (Originally Aired 1/11/2000)

Amy confronts a father who has been reported to
Child Services for beating his young son with a
belt. Although the man believes he is merely
disciplining his son, Amy must rule on whether or
not his actions border on abuse.

Meanwhile, Maxine fights the frustration of an
ever-increasing case load, Gillian and Peter
embark on their quest to become adoptive parents
and Donna turns out to be Vincent's

Zero To Sixty (Originally Aired 1/18/2000)

Amy's soon-to-be-ex husband, Michael, pays a
visit to Hartford insisting upon increased
custody of their daughter, Lauren. Alleging he
will have more time to spend with his daughter
since he will be working from home as a stock
trader, Michael offers Amy the option of having
Lauren spend all weekends and major holidays with
him. Furious with his request, Amy enlists a
feisty divorce lawyer who wages war against
Michael and his team of attorneys.

Meanwhile, as Maxine nears her 60th birthday, the
family wants to arrange a big celebration for the
milestone, but Maxine wants nothing to do with

Shaken Not Stirred (Originally Aired 2/8/2000)

When a toddler stands accused of shaking his
infant sister to death, Amy must decide whether
or not the child is guilty of murder. Meanwhile,
the soon-to-be-divorced Amy finds herself in a
precarious situation when she decides to go out
on a date with the divorced father of one of
Lauren'classmates, then learns that he's a lawyer
assigned to a case in her courtroom.

Culture Clash (Originally Aired 2/15/2000)

Amy sits in judgment of a judge accused of
propositioning a prostitute and hears a case in
which a woman fears that her ex-husband is
planning to abduct their children. Maxine
questions a Yemeni family whose teenage daughter
has apparently committed self-mutilation
following allegations of premarital sex; the
girl's family observes cultural traditions that
may prevent Maxine from getting the young woman
the aid she needs.

Meanwhile, Vincent's book is published and
reviewed by The New York Times; and Evie, the
girl who's carrying the child Peter and Gillian
are planning to adopt moves in temporarily with
Maxine and Amy and proves to be a handful.

The Wee Hours (Originally Aired 2/22/2000)

Amy begins her own custody battle over Lauren;
Amy must decide the fate of a teenage athlete
when her parents disagree on how gymnastics is
affecting her life; Maxine investigates a boy's
sleepwalking; Vincent is experiencing
writers-block and takes a job at the local

Drawing The Line (Originally Aired 2/29/2000)

Amy presides over an emotionally charged case
where she must decide if a mentally-challenged
woman is fit to be a mother. At home, Amy faces a
parental problem of her own when daughter Lauren
comes home with her ears pierced.

Meanwhile, Maxine learns that a young boy is
acting out at home and school and suspects that a
well-respected female child psychologist may be
crossing the line of professional propriety.

Human Touch (Originally Aired 3/21/2000)

Amy must rule on a custody case where the
biological father of a young girl and her
step-father are both seeking full custody.
Although the biological father loves his
daughter, he has a severe case of OCD (Obsessive
Compulsive Disorder), which interferes with his
ability to raise his child properly.

Meanwhile, Maxine faces a tough financial
situation after an unsuccessful experiment with

The Out-Of-Towners (Originally Aired 4/18/2000)

Amy and her court officer, Bruce, travel to a
small town to hear the case of a mother seeking
custody of her son. The woman lost her child due
to drug addiction, and now that she's in rehab,
she wants to regain custody.

Meanwhile, Maxine accepts a date from an
eccentric man she meets at a local diner, unaware
of his real identity.

The God Thing (Originally Aired 5/2/2000)

After surviving cancer and chemotherapy, Amy's
colleague and close friend Greta returns to work
with a newfound appreciation of her religion,
causing Amy to question her own spirituality.

Gray vs. Gray (Originally Aired 5/9/2000)

The relationship between Amy and her mother,
Maxine, is put to the test when they wind up
working on opposite sides of the same case.

When a boy accused of murder claims to have an
alibi, Amy discovers that the person who can
corroborate the defendants testimony is on his
deathbed in a hospital emergency room. At the
same time, Maxine is called to the hospital when
a critically ill patient asks for her to be his
legal guardian. Neither Amy nor Maxine realizes
that they are working on opposite sides of the
same case until Amy visits the hospital to obtain
the boys testimony.

Not With A Whimper (Originally Aired 5/16/2000)

Amy and Michael wind up having one last romantic
fling just as their divorce is finalized.
Although Amy is finally ready for an official
divorce, she finds herself deeply attracted to
Michael and decides to give in to her feelings
for him.

Blast From The Past (Originally Aired 5/23/2000)

Amys life is put in danger when she grants full
custody of two children to one parent and the
father goes ballistic, threatening to blow up the